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MovieBase is an app for finding information about the movies you've watched. You can add, delete movies, edit information. The data is stored in a Supabase database on the server. The table can be sorted, you can search the desired movie by different criteria.

The idea for the app came about as follows: I've watched an awful lot of movies over time.

At some point I started keeping a list to solve a number of problems:

  • The more you watch, the less you remember whether you watched or not.
  • I’d like to write down your impressions and evaluations.
  • I need a handy tool to search for a movie on the list.
  • I'm often asked to recommend a movie, and sometimes it's hard to remember even the best one.

Main features:

  • Search for a movie in the catalog: by title, director
  • Adding, editing and deleting movies
  • Filtering by rating,
  • Sorting by title, director, viewing time, rating
  • Adding notes
  • Rating
  • Get additional information on IMDB database: Cover art, original title and director, duration, genre